3 Easy Ways to Build Trust Signals for Search Engines

trust signals

In this blog we’ll briefly discuss some for the quickest ways to get the word out there if you have a new business.

Search engines like Google and Bing, in particular are looking for what are known as ‘trust signals’.

Search engines use these cues to decide if you’re a reliable business that is trustworthy and relevant to what users are searching for. Since search engines can’t go door to door and personally investigate if a business is reliable (there are literally billions of websites out there), they have to  use cues from reliable third party platforms.

Since we want to keep this blog short and don’t want go to dive too much into the details, here’s a quick guide you can use.

A trust signal could be something as simple as a social media page with lots of followers (this means that you’ve got real people following you back), and a couple of backlinks to reliable websites that are linking back to you because you’ve got something cool to offer, and a presence on platforms like Crunchbase.

But since you’re the new kid on the block and don’t have any social proof yet about your business, it would be hard for you to secure your first few backlinks. Most websites want you to have some semblance of trust and authority before they are willing to risk their neck on the line for you. It’s a catch-22. You can’t grow without trust cues. And you can’t acquire trust cues without having grown to a certain rank.

So how do you go about getting more trust cues?

Here’s a quick guide

1) Build Your Social Media Presence

Establish a social media presence even if you don’t have any followers at first, it’s still a reliable means of letting search engines know that you are active on the internet and can be reached by customers if something goes wrong.

2) Create Your Business Pages

 Create dedicated business pages on platforms like TrustPilot, Yelp, Google my Business, and similar ‘online directories’. These are some of the most powerful trust signals you can generate effortlessly and without spending a dime.

3) Find Backlinks

Try to get backlinks from high authority websites.  Guest blogging is a great way to do this. Even if you don’t get a dofollow link (and we’ll explain what those are in a later blog post, or you could  do a quick Google search for what it really means), you’ll still generate a high quality trust signal that Google and Bing can use to rank you higher.

So to wrap up with video, it can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months before your momentum on  search engines really picks up. It’s not an overnight thing and there is no magic one-stop shop solution. You have to keep at it consistently and patiently. Do not try to cheat your way to the top because search engines are getting wiser and can detect fraudulent attempts quicker.

So there you have it, a non-nonsense guide to growing your online presence reliably and consistently.

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