brands need social interaction too

Stay in touch with your customers in detroit with social media marketing

why use social media for your detroit business?

increase brand awareness

In Detroit's highly competitive marketplace, it is important to establish and build your brand. Social media can help you get there.

control the narrative

Many customers voice their complaints on social media about negative experiences with businesses. But you can control this narrative by maintaining a social media account.

become an industry leader

Regularly scheduling posts on social media based on research will eventually position you and your brand as an industry leader.

Improve customer satisfaction

More customers than ever before are using social media to stay in touch with each other. Without social media, you risk losing out on essential business.

boost website traffic

Whether you're B2B or B2C, our team will create impactful social media posts with the right dose of hashtags to get the most user attention. We make sure your brand gets noticed.

experience and expertise

Our team has considerable experience in this field which allows us to create custom social media plans that drive engagement.

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detroit social media marketing agency

Regardless of your industry, from accounting to engineering to law, social media empowers your brand and increases your bottom line. Why does it matter? Because an overwhelming 70% of users in the US now have a social media account, with many relying on the internet to thoroughly research a product for purchases. 

You would think this would be enough to get small businesses to leverage social media, right? But surprise, surprise, only about 26% of SMEs rely on social media for their marketing strategy. At Content Marketing Champ, we help businesses across Detroit develop and shape their online presence to reach qualified prospects, which goes a long way in boosting their bottomline. 

How can social media marketing help your business? Call our team today at 302-601-7236 or check out our contact us page to learn more.  We’ll go into greater details about the benefits of social media marketing and how it can boost your Detroit business. In case you’re not from Detroit, no need to worry, we provide our social media services to businesses in New York, Florida, and everywhere in between. 

Our social media strategists have strategized successful online marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small boutiques to large conglomerates.. And they’ll do the same for you. Get in touch with is now to learn why Content Marketing Champ is growing by leaps and bounds in the digital marketing industry. 

How can social media help your business in detroit?

With our highly experienced social media specialists on your side, your brand can:

boost brand awareness

In today’s highly cut-throat marketplace, it has become increasingly important to increase the reach of your brand. You have to establish credibility before customers can trust you with their bottom line. And this is where social media comes in. Whether you’re a new startup or have a few years’ worth of experience, social media can help provide the much needed energy to your business. As you grow your brand, you will increase the value of your services to your prospects and retain them clients for the long haul. It goes without saying, that, repeat business is the bedrock of every successful brand. 

Let the statistics do the talking. Over 50% of people in the US follow their favorite brands on social media and use it as a means to stay loyal to them. 

And here’s the interesting part, many of your competitors aren’t fully utilizing social media. This is one area where you can establish a strong footing before your rivals wise up!  

improve customer experience

Angry clients not only negatively influence your online rating, but their experience has far-reaching effects on the rest of your clients. One poll found that an overwhelming majority of customers (80%) viewed online reviews before purchasing a product or service. 

And here’s the interesting part. Most of these these reviews get submitted on social media, which makes it absolutely essential to maintain a healthy presence where you have better control over the narrative. An active presence on social media lets you ward off negative reviews. 

In fact, if a client has something bad to say about you, all you need to do is reach out and offer a solution to their issue. This resolves most negative reviews – except the fake ones. To fight those, you need to use Facebook’s report feature. 

Anyhow, positive (and negative) reviews have a domino’s effect on the customer’s psychology. If they’re on the fence about testing out your products or services, the positive review gives them the nudge they need to convert. For many businesses, it can be challenging to plan content strategies for all their social media accounts while also juggling the content needs of their website. This is a job that needs an expert on it at all times. Not to mention the fact that it’s a full-time commitment. 

At Content Marketing Champ, we realize that most entrepreneurs in Detroit already have their hands full with running the day to day operations of their business – much less worrying about things like social media. That’s why we offer our super helpful social media content strategies. So you can focus on the core services of your business. 

drive more traffic to your website

You can pursue several goals with social media marketing – one of the most prominent of these is driving more qualified traffic to your website. whether you’re a B2C or a B2B business, social media can give you the much needed boost your website needs. 

By integrating content marketing with your Detroit business’s social media pages, you can re-direct followers to your website. In most cases, you’ll want to forward traffic toy our blog by curating high-quality content on your preferred social media platform, such as Facebook. 

Content creation requires careful planning, development, and execution to generate compelling and original posts that make maximum impact. if the content is identical to what is already published on the internet, your audience won’t get the inspiration they need to convert.

In addition to providing you with blog posts, we can also help you develop ebooks for your fanbase to download. These resources are excellent at convincing your client base that you’re an industry leader. At Content Marketing Champ, we can support your brand by supplementing social media content with copywriting, email marketing campaigns, and product descriptions (among others).

establish your role in the industry

Do you know that search engines process trillions of searches every year? This number is only poised to hit warp-speed as more people use their mobile phones to search for things online. This is why it pays to position your brand as an industry-leader in your niche – this provides extreme value to you and your clients. Social media campaigns build your authority and credibility with customers, encouraing them to choose your products and services. 

It is worth noting that that becoming an industry leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, this is why it’s so important to regularly post engaging content and increase engagement. As we mentioned earlier, this is a full-time job that not only requires creativity but also access to intelligence tools such as SEMrush (to generate reports on trending keywords) and analytical tools (to understand what audiences like best). 

And this is where Content Marketing Champ comes in. We offer all content marketing strategies you need, from content marketing, to copywriting, to social media marketing. When you create an account with us, you’ll get access to a dedicated account manager who will ensure you’re always working with familiar people. 

Content Marketing Champ is a trusted detroit social media company

At Content Marketing Champ, we’re a social media company in Detroit that you can trust. Here are just a few reasons why: 

1. we provide affordable pricing

We make sure the prices you pay for our social media services are affordable. Another benefit of choosing Content Marketing Champ is that our costs or all social media platforms are identical. Whether you want to focus on LinkedIn or Facebook, the prices are similar. 

2. We offer years of experience

We have access to a team of award-winning content writers who have years of experience. Our time in the content industry has allowed us to create some of the most impactful social media campaigns that make an impact. When you sign up with Content Marketing Champ, you’ll gain access to a qualified team as well as a dedicated account manager. 

Not to mention the fact that our team just has a panache for all things social media. They’re make sure to stay on top of the latest industry trends and social media tactics. With over a million hours of expertise, you can trust they’re developing a strategy geared towards results.. 

3. Research driven content marketing

At Content Marketing Champ, we don’t just make stuff up! We utilize industry trends, our creativity, and our collective experience to drive custom content campaigns that make the most impact. Our writers make use of specialized tools like SEMrush to evaluate which keywords are the most impactful on search engines (and other platforms) before designing your campaign. We don’t rush your order (although we can if you want us to *wink wink*), because we take the time to familiarize ourselves with your industry and company goals, as well as your preferences for social media content. 

The result? Campaigns that will make you proud.