Why listicle writing works

Listicles keep audiences engaged by providing them with an entertaining way of consuming information. The idea is to cut down on the fluff to the minimum while keeping your blog to-the-point. 

We specialize in listicle writing services and have been doing so for years, these are the kinds of blogs that readers love clicking the next page on. It needs the right dose of information, humor, and some visual cues for readers to stay long enough on your site and convert. 

The most important trick in the book is to use a powerful heading that evokes human emotion. Next, you can keep things interesting with the help of a strong intro. Of course, it helps that the subject matter is interesting enough to begin with, but if it’s not, you can still use the intro and heading to get the ball rolling. 

If you get everything right, your listicle will be practically unstoppable! It’s why Buzzfeed is doing so good – even after so many years! Nobody likes reading giant walls of text for what seems like an eternity! Boost your SEO, bottom line, and lead generation results with listicle writing services.

Why Listicle Writing is So Effective

You must be wondering, “I don’t need to use listicle articles because my blog is targeted toward more serious audiences – you know, like executives and CEOs.”

And to that, our only response is. You’re writing a blog, not a thesis! 

Even ‘serious’ audiences love to relax every once in a while. When they tune in to your blog for some light reading, they expect light reading. They’ve already gone through the daily grind of office-related work. No one likes to be reminded of work at home, least of all ‘serious’ audiences! 

Listicle resonate extremely well with people from all walks of life, and that’s what we want in terms of marketing. We want our marketing campaigns to resonate with people. We want them to promote conversions, but we also want them to be high quality content. And listicles fit the bill perfectly. 

Sure, Buzzfeed may have popularized the listicles, but the idea has existed since the beginning of advertisement itself. You’ll see listicles just about everywhere: in print, in newsfeeds, the internet, and business channels. If you see an article with a title like: “The Top 10 Most…” or “The 10 Most…”, it’s a listicle. 

Most of us gobble up listicles like hot cake and even share them on our social media. This form of content is gaining some serious credibility among content creators, readers, executives, and the movers and shakers of the world. If you don’t have listicles populating your blogs, you’re possibly missing out. 

We’ve narrowed down 4 reasons why listicle writing services are so effective:

1: Easy to digest

Dictionaries define listicles (yes, the word has made it to dictionaries now) as a ‘structured article in the form of a list’. Listicles are to articles, what music videos are to movies: they’re short, sweet, to the point, easy to digest, and you can listen to them whenever, wherever with little to no effort. 

Mostly, they’re incredibly fun. You get sucked in because you just want to read something light plus the title, “10 easy ways to lose weight” is really interesting. The point is, the listicles get to you. 

Even newspapers are jumping the bandwagon. 

So what’s the takeaway from all of this?

We’re busy people going through the motions. We prefer to read short, snappy bits of information that makes their point quickly. No one likes to go through long, tiresome, boring monologues that seem to stretch forever. 

2: Catchy headlines

A good listicle grabs audience attention in just a few words, “Top 10 reasons you’re not losing weight” or “5 secrets about calorie-deficit diets you didn’t know” – these titles instantly pull you in (whether you like admitting it or not), because they promise to give you vital pieces of information you didn’t know. Or a a secret solution that you’ve been desperately searching for. 

Even if you’ve had no interest in the subject matter, the listicle creates that interest and makes you want to find out more. 

3: No More Information Overload

As mentioned earlier, there is too much information online. People are tired of reading giant walls of text that is hard to wrap your mind around. But there’s no way for us to realistically read through and digest all of that information. This is why our brain is drawn to content that is simple and organized – and that’s where listicles come in. 

Let’s make one thing clear: listicles are not a replacement for articles.

Listicles will not replace journalism, reports, and thesis papers. However, they can supplement that information by helping you get acquainted with the topic, even if it’s incredibly boring. Listicles make it fun and easy to read through something difficult without diving into a 10,000-word feature blog. 

Listicles distill all the information without bogging you down. They cover all the information you need to read, and you’ll find it easier to remember the facts. 

4: Easier to Read through

While nothing will replace a high-quality, thoroughly researched piece of content, a listicle can be just as effective in its own way. 

Listicles are pleasing to read, plain and simple. Studies show that listicles eliminate the paradox of choice that makes decision making so difficult. When you have a lot of choices to make, it can ruin the experience.

Listicles work so well because they have an easily identifiable beginning, middle, and ending. The title sets the expectation for the reader, the introduction further cements what the blog is about, the number of items tells the reader how much more reading is left – the point is, you know exactly what to expect from a listicle. 

Those who make it to the end of a listicle will feel like they’ve just accomplished something. And that could be a core element of getting prospects to convert.

Looking for buzzfeed-style articles?

You’ve come to the right place. We have experienced listicle writers for hire who will work with you to curate viral and engaging content for your business. 

With our listicle writing services, you can expect:

Reduce the bounce rate on on your website

Listicle writers have catchy titles that instantly pull audiences in without giving away too much information. It forces them to read through in search for their answer.. 

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Minimize information overload

Listicles cut down on the information overload by providing information in an organized format. They combine list and article writing to make things easier for the brain. 

Easy to read through

Listicles are easy to read through in a jiffy in our fast-paced world. Who has the time to read giant walls of text? Few people do. What makes listicles so effective is that they accommodate our preference for processing information spatially. More on that below!

more on that below

Why our listicle articles services so are effective

use of verifiable facts

In order to make your blog sound and look interesting, you need to make use of facts that are easily verifiable. This is important when you're earning a reputation with your prospects.

Strong visual cues

Pictures and media elements fully engage your reader's brains. The truth is, our brains process information more effectively when with visual media. This is one reason why listicles do so good.

humor-laden content

This is where traditional blogs and listicles differ: the careful use of relevant humor-laden content to keep things interesting. The best listicle blogs contain fun humor so as not to bore audiences.

Captivating heading

The heading sets the tone for the listicle. It's like a mini-summary of your listicle that lets readers know what they're clicking on. This is why we spend so much of our time writing emotionally powerful headings

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