How Will Blog Writing Services Adapt in 2021?

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It’s no secret that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are flooding our collective consciousness with stimuli from all directions. For this reason, blog writing services will endure as possibly, the greatest marketing tool of all time. Whether you need to showcase the intricate inner-workings of your brand or create snappy listicles – you’ll need to make sure your content marketing strategy is on point.

But is blogging going to change in 2021? The difficulty in answering this question is that there’s no one way of approaching it.

The main goal of writing blogs has always been to capture as many keywords on Google as possible. This practice, also known as SEO (or search engine optimization), allows you to drive more organic traffic to your website. This won’t change in 2021.

Every digital marketing company will agree that this is true whether you’re a small startup or a Fortune 500 business with a multi-million dollar budget – without a constant content schedule in the pipeline, you probably won’t generate much traffic.

Blog writing services keep your business alive and thriving in the long run. Of course, no one is stopping you from creating a couple of landing pages and hope it attracts clients. But if we were to be completely honest, the digital landscape is brimming with thousands of businesses with similar goals as yours (and very similar lead generation strategies too). This means you have to become more creative and inventive with your blogs to stand out.

The 3-pronged SEO Formula That Works in 2021 (…kind of)

If the SEO strategy for 2021 could be whittle down to a specific formula, it would look something like this:

  • Write long-form content (usually over 2500 words – this is very effective with long term keywords)
  • Having written at least 50,000 words of actual content (usually around 50 blogs of average length)
  • Targeting a mixture of long-tail keywords as well as main keywords (usually low competition and low volume)

If you take a more closer look at blogging sites like Ryrob, you’ll notice they make sure to do all three and more.

In fact, Ryrob does more than 2500 words on average in their articles. They also include lots of internal links, tons of backlinks, and thousands of articles that provide a social proof for them being experts.

At a certain point, even an expert like Rob can’t help but repeat old content – but he does so in a more creative way. They keep beating the same drum – and yet manage to retain their positions on SERPs. And that’s not necessarily a negative thing, especially in a very hyper-competitive niche such as content marketing when time is money.

Repurposing Old Content

A common trick that most marketers employ is to give their old content a refresh. All they do is give a new spin to it so that it reflects the latest trends. For example, if you wrote an article on “Blog Writing Tips That Work” from 10 years ago, and it’s now beginning to lose traction, you can always rewrite it based on the latest strategies.

A good idea in this case would be to write, “Blog Writing Tips That Work in 2021”.

This new blog will address the latest changes, trends, and new SEO algorithms that dictate content ranking strategies.

Some marketing pundits call this process ‘repurposing old content’, as mentioned by Hubspot here. The idea is that not only does it save time and energy but also lets you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

So instead of going back to the drawing board to write something fresh, you can take a quick audit of your existing blog posts to identify content that can be repurposed. Outdated content that you can remove include worn out statistics, examples, products, service details, and research material that is no longer relevant. This would also be a great time to add new keywords that are now trending and weren’t included in the previous blog.

Learn From Your Competitors

Let’s do a quick test of some of our competitors. Try to think of a common search string that you think your target audience will search for right now.

We Googled “blog naming guide” and found the following blogs.

A deep dive into these blogs reveals the following eye-opening statistics:

 Average Word CountNumber of ListsNumber of Pictures UsedTotal Backlinks
It’s all about the game of averages

Notice that neither of these blogs has under 2000 words, 100 links (external and internal), and make use of at least 10 pictures throughout.

This is a big indication of current trends.

Blogers who want to perfrorm better will have to do better these blogs. This means going over 2500 words, getting at least 400 backlinks, and having 10 pictures or more.

But all this takes time, energy, and research.

If you can’t spare any resources to devote to blogging, don’t fret. You can hire blog writing services to do all the heavy lifting for you and improve your ranking.

Blogging Doesn’t Have to be Difficult – But It Does Have To Be Consistent

Growing your blog doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be done relatively easily by creating regular content that addresses your audience’s pain points and answering their toughest questions. Before long, you’ll start building trust and loyalty. This will inevaitbaly contribute to your company’s overall success. Start with the purpose of your blog – answer the big why – and slowly begin to put together the individual pieces that will contribute to your content marketing performance.

The qualities of a great blog in 2021

Adds value: Your article should contain information that your readers want to read. It should educate them, entertain them, share an industry insight, deep dive into trends, or do all of that. Just remember, blogging isn’t just about you and your business, it’s about the reader and their pain points.

Has Clear Goals

What is it that you hope to derive from your blog? It should ideally focus on bringing traffic through search engines such as Google and Bing, but it should also build a relationship with readers, and then eventually covert them into sales.

Contribute to Your brand

Blogs serve as a powerful tool to not only support your brand, but also establish it. If you do it right, before long your blog will take a life of its own and tell a unique story that connects you with your users and makes your brand stand out.

It is Consistent

If you can only create one blog post in a month, that’s somewhat okay. But if you really want to get more eyeballs on your content, make sure to do hit at least a once-a-week mark consistently.

Blogs in 2021 should not:

Be too sales-y

Readers have visited your website to look at your products and services. If they want more information about product features, they’ll get in touch with your sales team., not your blog.

Consists of only photos

It irrelevant how cool your products are, but a blog post shouldn’t consist of nothing but pictures. Even if your entire shtick is about pictures, you should complement the photo with a little storytelling to create context and create that emotional connection.

Random and Chaotic

A blog that seems like it was haphazardly written will never connect with your audience. Some bloggers try to market their blog to as many people as possible without realizing that they’re appealing to virtually no one. This is why you should make sure your readers feel connected to your blog. It is also worth establishing a site hierarchy that gives your readers a sense of where they are on the website.

Brands attract readers through blogs that educate, inspire, entertain and provide benefits from content in one form or another.

But at the end of the day, you have to figure out how to create a content pipeline that works just for you in 2021.  

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